Fringe: Obey

Fringeland Bingo Graphics

Tried to find the time to complete a full bingo but just I just couldn't do it.
But I did fill the following prompts:
Blue, Texture (1st column), Milk(1st column), Red, Distance, Milk (2nd column), Hope, Texture (2nd column), Snowing, Duplicate, Snowflake, and Texture (3rd column).
Warning: Snowflake -- major spoiler for season 5.
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DW: Correctamundo

Doctor Who Rumors/Speculations...Ugh...

*waves* Hello, LiveJournal!
It's been a while (hmmm, years probably) since I actually posted a rant (or anything other than graphics). I made the mistake of reading a Doctor Who spoiler for the upcoming mid-season finale that concerned Amy and some speculation about said spoiler. If any of it is true, than...*sigh* I might have to stop watching.

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HR: Pinhead

New Year....

I have lots of end-of-year 2009 lists to post and am sooooo far behind. I have been so swamped with graduate coursework and am trying to complete it all by the end of this January so I can take a term break until next school year. Hoping in the new year to at least post once a month. :)