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22 January 2007 @ 04:15 pm
Just a little something...  
Anybody watching the new season of '24'? Well, after last season (which I thought was the absolute best of all), so far I'm not too impressed. It's still a great show - love the over-the-top action and dramatic writing.

Not liking the killing off of Curtis. I can understand why Jack did it but still don't like it.

Also not liking DB Woodside as President Wayne Palmer (brother of assassinated former President David Palmer). Too wishy-washy and distracted IMO. Would have rather seen a woman this season and it would be an interesting angle since in real life Hilary Clinton is in the running for the White House in '08.

Positives for this season are Alexander Siddig (playing Hamri Al-Assad and quite the hottie), Chloe still has Jack's back at CTU (when are we going to get a Jack/Chloe thing going any ways?? Would love to see these two together), and no signs of Audrey (YAY, and with any luck she won't be back).
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