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01 January 2008 @ 01:44 pm
Meme: Fandom of 2007  
Snagged from missmovies :)

A look back on

1: What fandoms did you acquire in 2007?
Chuck, Pushing Daisies, Supernatural, Torchwood, Psych, Monk, Heroes

2: What fandoms did you let go of in 2007?
General Hospital (I still watch but as a fan of a few characters only and not on a daily basis any more), 24 (season six SUCKED!! I lost interest after the third episode. But I was kinda looking forward to season 7 because of a certain spoiler that was floating around but since the show's not coming back until 2009 or whatever I'm over it), How I Met Your Mother (without Neil Patrick Harris this show would have tanked long ago. Alyson Hannigan's good but the show just doesn't hold my attention any more), CSI: Miami (not as interesting to me as the other CSI shows). Grey's Anatomy - conflicted with CSI on Thursday nights and I guess I'm just burned out on serialized soapy-time hospital shows. :( Jericho. The writing in later episodes (after a couple month hiatus by CBS) just didn't hold up to the beginning ones. Since I watch Lost, having another type of show where I had to follow and keep track of little details is just too much. Reality Shows (i.e. Survivor, Biggest Loser, etc). Same ol' crap, got tired of it.

3: What fandoms did you mean to get into but didn't in 2007? Why?
Cane (Bad time slot for me, too late in the evening - hope to watch the reruns though), Dirty Sexy Money (again, bad time slot), Reaper (same reason as before), Jekyll (BBC show and just haven't had time to download it) *Side note: I REALLY need Tivo*

4: What fandoms do you intend on checking out in 2008?
New Amsterdam (maybe) - but with starting grad school and the writer's strike I'm probably just going to stick with shows I've been watching already.

5: What fandoms do you think you might let go of in 2008 unless things significantly improve?
Rescue Me. And it hurts to say that because this show soooo rocks. But the last season just felt sort of...flat. And Denis Leary's character (Tommy Gavin) got a bit boring once he gave up being a fucked up alcoholic fire fighter who had conversations with dead people. However, I hope the lower ratings motive Leary and his writing team to get it together for next season.

6: What fandoms do you think you'll never let go of no matter how crappy they get? Why?
House, most definitely. I dreaded this season (with the 3 ducklings - Chase, Foreman, Cameron - roles changing) but the new diagnostic team is good and the writing is still strong. Oh, what the heck, I just love looking at Hugh Laurie and the occasional glimpse of Robert Sean Leonard *g*. CSI (the original). Again this comes down to the actors and the scripts - I love how they don't just focus on the main CSIs but the lab techs and supporting players. nip/tuck - Ryan Murphy could do a show with no script, just Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon posing for the camera for an hour and I'd watch, this show sooooo owns me. Lost - I just want to see how the whole bloody thing ends. Team Locke all the way! Doctor Who - the show just is one where you expect over-the-top, campy writing from time to time.

7: What show impressed you most in 2007?
Pushing Daisies and Chuck. Pushing Daisies - the narration and Tim Burton-esque visual style are the most impressive for me. Chuck - the whole premise is absolutely ridiculous (a rogue CIA agent sending his geeky former classmate a whole database of images which gets imprinted into geeky friend's brain) but the cast is great and I love Adam Baldwin so much more :)

8: What show impressed you least in 2007?
Burn Notice. Good show but I'm just tried of the whole ex-spy thriller thing. Might have something to do with a previous job I had but that's a whole separate (friend's only) post for another day. Another show I wasn't impressed with was Big Shots - nice cast but I just couldn't get into it.