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25 January 2007 @ 11:29 am
American Idol Season 6 Auditions...  
Are they done yet??!! Geez two weeks and still have not seen anybody I'd say is worthy of the title. There's been some good singers but nobody that really stands out. Lots of attention whores and deluded wannabes - which can be fun for a couple shows...but, oy, it's just sad this year it seems. Like...

Ian (Dude, you could not sing - insulting all British people because they tell you the truth is not going to make them change their minds about it.)

Tone-deaf Girl (It's a 'SINGING' competition, not a tryout for a vocal class. At least she knew she couldn't sing but wanting Idol to teach her something she had no talent for was just ridiculous. Sure many idol contestants lack vocal training but they at least can carry a tune and some just need a little coaching to get better. If no natural gift exists, no amount of training will ever do anything - except waste your time and money.)

Ashanti (So she's been on two previous Idol seasons and gone all the way to Hollywood. She was talented but not right for the show. All the judges (even guest judge Carol Bayer Sager) said you had a fabulous voice but we're not what Idol was about. Take Ms. Bayer Sager's advice - go to Broadway. There are other ways to become famous, aside from this show.)

Nick (Another previous Hollywood contestant from last year, who quit the competition voluntarily because he didn't take it seriously and memorize his song. He was cute. Hopefully he'll be more committed this year.)

I guess there's one more week of auditions - hopefully someone in that group will be a standout. :)
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