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14 January 2008 @ 01:48 am
Personal: What a fabulous weekend, it was...  
What a great ((American)) football play off weekend!!

Lemme see, Green Bay Packers (my home team) won - and what a great day for a game, it was. Loved seeing the snow. Packer games are always best when it is. And Ryan Grant/Brett Favre - I *heart* you both. Look forward to next week, because...

THEY LOST!!! DALLAS LOST! YES! I'm soooooo happy. I was pulling a Tom Cruise on our couch I was so thrilled. No other team in the NFL do I hate as much as them. Normally I don't watch Dallas games all the way through but I did this one. And it was so worth it. Just seeing Jerry Jones' face on the sidelines as the Eli Manning took the kneel-down at the end. PRICELESS! Thus Green Bay does NOT have to go to Dallas and the odds of them winning next week increase greatly. I'm so praying for Green Bay to be in the Super Bowl.

So, now I've GOT to go to the Packers homepage and search for pics to do some artwork with. I have a few already but I need an image of Favre throwing the snow ball. Will post on HellaGood and here when done.

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