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29 February 2008 @ 11:53 am
Lost S4/"The Constant" Comments....  
OMG, that was THE best Lost episode since...well, since the last Desmond-centered one honestly. All this season's episodes have been pretty good and have left you saying 'WTF' several times. But this one...sheesh, this one was just awesome.

1. DESMOND! Lots of wibbley-wobbly timey-whimey stuff for Desmond again. Henry Ian Cusick does not get enough screen time IMO but when he does - WOW, he gives it his all. I'm guessing Desmond's little out-of-consciousness experiences, or blackouts, lead to his military discharge. Also when the hatch exploded many thought Desmond himself 'jumped' into the past, now we know he never physically left the island - just his consciousness did.

2. Faraday! He rocked in this episode as well. I really don't think he's one of the 'bad' guys, just someone drawn to the island - maybe even by the island itself. Then again it may just be the geek/mathematician in me that loves this character. Loved the ending with Desmond being HIS constant. Does this mean he was suffering some type of 'sickness'/side effect since landing on the island as well? I'm going to say he's experienced some type of time 'blackout' in the past too - which led to him being fired from Oxford possibly. Zoning out/collapsing in the middle of lectures would do it. He did say to Desmond that the experiment he was conducting with Eloise was 'frowned upon' by the university. Am looking forward to finding more out about him (he can have Jack's screen time).

3. Lack of JACK!! Yes, I hate Jack.

4. PHYSICS! MATH! Always like Lost when it goes to the geeky side. :)

5. Yay, to the Black Rock reference: Tobias Hanso (relative? of Alvar Hanso, founder of the Hanso Foundation/Dharma Initiative) had a diary from one of the crew on the ship. The diary had washed up on the shore's of Madagascar. It was sold - no surprise - to Charles Widmore, who I'm betting is behind this little venture to find the island.

6. And the absolute best moment - DESMOND & PENELOPE!!!!!!! How incredulously freakin' fantastic was that scene?! My daughter and I were both in tears as Desmond and Penny pledged never to give up trying to find each other and would always love one another. I watched that scene like four times already - and will have fanart soon.