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02 March 2007 @ 08:58 am
What the?? ((American Idol Rant))  
I was going to post this last night after the result show but I got distracted with the severe weather reports. However, I have to say I was stunned by who went home and who got to stay last night.

For the guys: Nick Pedro and AJ Tabaldo. For the girls: Alaina Alexander and Leslie Hunt.

My biggest gripe is with who was voted out for the guys. AJ was FANTASTIC Tuesday night. Loved the song and he looked great. Same with Nick - but I have to agree with Simon about his lack of personality (and it probably did him in with viewers sadly). I loved Paul Kim last week too and thought he'd make the top 10 at least - but he got voted off too. :/
Then there's Sanjaya. His performances have been terrible (loved him at the auditions though but since his sister got cut, he really hasn't been that great). I could barely understand a word of what he was singing this week and the outfit - um, just didn't look right. And I just don't see Sundance as the next American Idol either; he's too much like Taylor Hicks. I like him and think he has a good voice but just isn't right for this competition.
Now the ladies - Yay, Alaina is gone!! That was the bright spot this week - loved seeing her ass get the boot. If only, Antonella had gone as well. Ugh. As for Leslie, she's an okay singer - I think she just choose the wrong song this week and trying to scat was another bad move.
Who am I rooting for?? For the girls: Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones. For the guys: Chris Sligh, Blake Lewis (boy is multi-talented too), and Phil Stacey.
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