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12 July 2008 @ 01:08 pm
Yay, me!  
This is really silly but it made me smile. My comment (my username is blueraingirl2005 on AIM) was used in the latest Wub Tub Blog Daily Dish entry over at WUBS NET about the latest General Hospital "publicity stunt." For any GH (and Night Shift) fans who are staying spoiler free, I'll lj-cut the info...

The big name to appear in August is Genie Francis. Yup, Laura Spencer is coming back. Am I happy? Sure, I would be if the show had different writers who knew what CHARACTER development actually was. Like I commented at Wubs, I really hope I'm wrong about Genie's return and she is more than a measly plot point for widdle Loo-Loo. But considering what is stated for story purposes, I'm not getting my hopes up. Sadly I'm looking forward more to the return of Robert Scorpio and Jagger Cates on GH spin-off, Night Shift 2 -- it's going to have different writers and the stories will actually be set in the HOSPITAL. Go figure it takes a spin-off series to do hospital-related stories on a soap named General HOSPITAL.
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