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14 July 2008 @ 02:18 am
Note to self: Never get this far behind in your graduate coursework EVER again. Nothing like getting down to the wire and having approximately ten assessments to write and have turned in for submission in less than 48 hours...I just have to have a submission of each in by 11:59PM on the 15th, doesn't say it has to be the final revision...just something submitted that's actually partially coherent in pedagogical knowledge. Than I have the next week to correctly revised them for credit. Luckily the majority are about classroom management techniques and classroom organization, I can utilized my prior teaching experience and wing it. It's the complex cultural and diversity assessment that's gonna be the absolute bitch to do and one of the other assessments depends on reflection of what I learned from that about the cultural make-up of South Carolina. :(
Current Mood: stressedstressed