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06 March 2007 @ 08:10 am
The Black Donnellys (new NBC show) & 24...  
I saw previews for this when we went to the movies last month and thought it looked pretty good. However, after getting hooked on ABC's flop "The Nine" which was cancelled after only 6 shows and a heck of unanswered questions, I was kind of leery about getting involved in another serial network drama. However, there was nothing on after '24' and I was flipping through channels and decided to give it a shot.

And I'm glad I did! What a wonderful show. Heartwarming with a touch of "Goodfellas" like humor/mob drama. I felt for Tommy, trying to clean up the mess his brothers created and help them out plus trying to keep his own life from falling apart (unsuccessfully). Also like Tommy's interesting way of shoplifting (who knew tin foil had such a purpose). And Joey "Ice Cream" - hilarious! I have to go back and watch the first episode now.

Plus just on a side note...About '24'. At the start of the season, I really thought the show had jumped the shark, so to speak, and was not going to be worthwhile to watch. Boy, how wrong I was. Great twists these last couple weeks. Plus disgraced former President Charles Logan (played fabulously by George Itzn) has been nice to see the last couple weeks. According to last night's previews, next week we get former secret service agent Aaron (SQUEEEEEE! Love him!) and the former first lady Martha Logan. AND it looks like they're a couple! Can't wait to see how Jack gets out of this latest predicament at the Russian Consulate (shades of season 4). =)
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