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06 March 2007 @ 11:49 am
3 Headers (2 General Hospital & 1 Lost/Season3)...  
Finally some art to post:

3 Headers (size : 500x200). General Hospital banners are one of Tracy/Dillon('You are a magnificent son') and one Elizabeth Webber ('Lying DOES NOT become you'). The Lost banner is Jin/Sawyer-centric and contains spoilers for Season 3, episode 10 which aired in the US on 28 February 2007. Resources are listed under the cut as well.

Resources: GH caps from Clarissa and dj_capslock, Lost caps also by dj_capslock. Only PS default gradients/filters/brushes used to mask and add texture/colors.

Feedback greatly appreciated. Please, if used, DO NOT hotlink!!! Save to your computer and upload to your own image account. Credit is nice but not enforced, just please don't claim as your own creation. =)
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