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30 May 2011 @ 02:29 pm
Doctor Who Rumors/Speculations...Ugh...  
*waves* Hello, LiveJournal!
It's been a while (hmmm, years probably) since I actually posted a rant (or anything other than graphics). I made the mistake of reading a Doctor Who spoiler for the upcoming mid-season finale that concerned Amy and some speculation about said spoiler. If any of it is true, than...*sigh* I might have to stop watching.

To not spoil anybody,
Okay, River Song. I have loved this character since her first Hello Sweetie in "The Silence in the Library" back in season 4. Her knowledge of the Doctor was intriguing and I yearned for more. I was so excited when I heard Steven Moffat was going to take over the Whoverse because it might finding out more about River Song and her connection to the Doctor. Her scene in the TARDIS at the beginning of "The Time of Angels" reminded me of the banter between Tom Baker's Doctor and Time Lady Romana (the first one). She knew how to fly a TARDIS (properly, of course) and commented that she learned from the 'best' but sorry that the Doctor was busy that day. Even though it was a far-fetched idea that she was a Time Lady (especially a regeneration of Romana who was last seen in the series staying in E-Space), I loved the idea. With all her knowledge, I then thought about the Time Agency that gave us Captain Jack. River seems like a good con artist, very much like Jack. I never believed she was the Doctor's wife; the Doctor is not the marrying kind. I was hoping for some amazing twist but with this new spoiler I don't know.

Not going to reveal the spoiler but the speculation is that Amy's baby is River Song and that the Doctor may be the 'daddy' from some genetic manipulation. I really hope this is pure shit. Really the Doctor-as-a-Daddy-through-genetic-transfer was done craptastically by Russell with the Doctor's Daughter sheeze in season 4. I'm going to be extremely let down if River turns out to be another Jenny (or if she is a regenerate Jenny would be even more fail). Frankly, this whole baby/pregnancy storyline so far for me has been bleh. Even if the baby isn't connected to the Doctor, are we going to have Amy/Rory/Baby traveling in the TARDIS? Or will Rory/Baby stay back on Earth while Amy/Doctor continue to travel through space & time? Neither one of these scenarios makes me want to watch.

Aside from the whole River Song spec, I am looking forward to the mid-season finale and am enjoying Matt Smith's Doctor even more this year than last. He's not my fave--Tom Baker will forever hold that honor for me--but he is in my top 5.
Who Top 5:
1. Tom Baker
2. Jon Pertwee
3. Chris Eccleston
4. Matt Smith
5. David Tenant