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24 June 2012 @ 02:18 am
Jibber jabber on life and tv....  
Eek, it's been over a year since I did any kind of update. Hmmm, where to start...

My first full year as a middle school math teacher. Not as easy as it was when I was just a substitute or even as a student teacher. Enjoyed the 8th graders more than the 7th graders, but I only had two small 8th grade class periods. One of the 7th grade classes was 21 girls--three of whom had serious impulse control issues and would consistently disrupt the class. The disruptions became so bad that I had to issue guidance referrals and ask that they be placed into a different class. Unfortunately I wasn't the only one who had discipline issues with them. I believe two of the three spent most of the last month of school on out-of-school suspensions and their parents/guardians have been asked to find a different school for them next year.

My strength is my knowledge of mathematics and science. Currently I'm taking a graduate course--Infusing Math and Science into K-12 Curriculum using STEM Project-Based Learning. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math content areas. A grant from Boeing is paying for all our course material/course fees so that's a huge help. So far, it's been awesome just in the fact I get to interact and collaborate with math/science teachers from other schools in Charleston County. I have so many ideas/activities to take back to the classroom. Also I took an Intermediate SMART Board training class a few weeks ago that gave me instruction on how to be more effective in the lessons I create and keep students focused.

My weakness is classroom management. I wasn't as proactive as I should have been in calling parents or enforcing discipline procedures such as writing behavior referrals. However, I've already revamped the rules for next year and my phone works in my classroom (finally) to make it easier to call parents right away when there's an issue. I hate raising my voice; I hate having to stop instruction every few minutes to deal with behavior problems. But I've heard it does get a little better each year. *fingers crossed*

Ugh, enough about that...let's talk fun stuff!

My number one fave (Cable) TV show: Sons of Anarchy (FX). Just love me some rough-looking bad-ass biker boys. Plus it's written by Kurt Sutter and has a fantastic cast--Charlie Hunnam, Kim Coates, Katey Sagal, Maggie Siff, Benito Martinez,to name a few. Kurt is also on twitter and updates frequently--not about the show but his own rantings which are interesting.

My second fave (Cable) TV Show: Breaking Bad (AMC). Bryan Cranston. Aaron Paul. Awesome writing, deep drama. The first part of the series finale kicks off next month. I really don't think Walt's going to survive--either the cancer will finally come back or Jesse is going to off him. Guaranteed there will be no happy endings for anyone. I just don't see how it's possible--maybe Walt's family if they could get into witness protection program and Skylar agreed to some deal since she's been the one laundering the money for Walt. Can't wait for July 15.

Other fave Cable shows: The Walking Dead (AMC), Wilfred (FX), psych (USA), Necessary Roughness (USA), Leverage (TNT), Merlin (BBCA), Doctor Who (BBCA), Deadliest Catch (Discovery), and The Killing (AMC).

Favorite Network TV show: Once Upon a Time. Loved this show from the start. The mixing of fairy tales with the real world is fantastic. So glad that the show will be back for a second season.

Second Fave Network show: Fringe!! Can't believe it's been on for four seasons and has only 13 episodes left. Not happy but at least FOX gave them 13 instead of cancelling it outright. My fave ship from the very beginning has always been Peter/Olivia. Josh and Anna have amazing chemistry together.

Other network shows: Supernatural (CW), General Hospital (ABC), Hell's Kitchen (FOX), The Big Bang Theory (CBS), and Castle (ABC).

Well, it's late and I need some sleep.
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