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31 December 2012 @ 06:47 pm
Fringeland Bingo Graphics  
Tried to find the time to complete a full bingo but just I just couldn't do it.
But I did fill the following prompts:
Blue, Texture (1st column), Milk(1st column), Red, Distance, Milk (2nd column), Hope, Texture (2nd column), Snowing, Duplicate, Snowflake, and Texture (3rd column).
Warning: Snowflake -- major spoiler for season 5.

Prompt: Blue

Prompt: Texture (1st column)
Large wall -- click here to view.

Prompt: Milk (1st column)
LJ Header (800x300) -- click here to view

Prompt: Red

Prompt: Distance
Season 4 (Post-"Welcome to Westfield" fic - Olivia's POV)
I saw the restaurant on my home. I had ordered the take-out and was back in my car driving before I even realized what I’d done. It just felt natural – even though I don’t recall doing it before. Like the dreams that I’ve been having about Peter. The dreams that began before Westfield. The distance I’ve been trying to keep with Peter but can feel the pull becoming stronger to give in. Like now. I’m looking forward to seeing him soon. The case is wrapped up and I want to be with him. I remember other evenings we’ve never had, though I know we’ve had them.
I’m in my apartment. I have everything ready for our evening. There’s the knock at the door. I open to find him smiling. Why shouldn’t he be? We’ve solved the case and it’s our time now. Before I know it, I’m kissing him. It feels so right. I look up, hoping he’s as happy as I feel. But it’s not right. He’s not looking at me like he should. I don’t understand for a second, and then I realize where I am. This isn’t right. I’m not his Olivia and I can feel him take a step back. I can feel a migraine beginning to thread it’s way into my head. Just at the right time for once. I need to take a step back – to create distance for both of us. He leaves. I close the door. It’s just not the right time for either of us.
(Word count: 254)

Prompt: Milk (2nd column)

Prompt: Hope
Season 4 (Post “Welcome to Westfield” – Peter’s POV)
I want to believe she’s my Olivia. I really do. I look into her eyes and…I want to believe. I have hope that I’ll find an answer soon. What we experienced in Westfield was just crazy. It felt like a Fringe-version of Groundhog Day. People remembering a different universe – an alternate version of who they were. Walter theorized they were taking on their alternate lives, but how does that explain Olivia remembering our other life? Could it be that maybe I don’t need the machine after all? That I am already home. Maybe. I looked into her eyes tonight after she kissed me. And I did see a glimmer of my Olivia there. It’s probably just the residual effects from Westfield. I know that’s what Walter would tell me. I’m projecting my Olivia and my desire to go home onto her. Although I can’t help thinking…what if. What if this is still my world? What if I wasn’t as erased as some would believe? I know it sounds incredibly crazy but I have seen far crazier things and I have come to believe nothing is impossible. But that kiss and that look she gave me – I can’t get it out of my mind. It definitely felt like I should be here and it gives me hope that I will find a way home – one way or another.
(Word count: 227)

Prompt: Texture (2nd column)

Prompt: Snowing

Prompt: Duplicate
LJ Header (800x300) -- click here to view

Prompt: Snowflake **Contains a major spoiler for season 5**
LJ Header -- (600x300)

Prompt: Texture (3rd column)
Large wall -- click here to view

Blue Milk Last Man Standing Can't Do It Alone Moon
Texture Hope Snowflake Family Careful
Milk Texture WILD CARD Sad Change
Red Snowing Wet Triangle Gone Till November
Distance Duplicate Texture Happiness Hair Loss