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09 March 2007 @ 10:51 am
American Idol Results (and comments on Top 12)...  
Again another wonky week of voting. What gives? :/

The only one I cheered for going home was Antonella. I had to agree with Simon - she really was not a very talented singer (maybe she can try for a Playboy gig now - definitely has the 'goods' for that).

I adored Sundance's rendition of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" - it's my fave PJ song. He definitely outdid Sanjaya for crying out loud. I still don't get the appeal of this 17-year-old boy who hasn't done anything decent since his initial audition. As for Jared, I thought he did pretty decent and deserved another week at least too. I would rather have seen Sanjaya and Chris R out this week. And Sabrina was another surprise - I was certain Hayley would join Antonella. It was great to see Carrie Underwood perform though.

My Top 4 are Chris Sligh, Lakisha, Melinda, and Blake. Everyone else I don't give a care about. These 4 are awesome and have true talent, especially Blake.