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29 March 2007 @ 09:16 am
American Idol Results (Mar. 28)  
Spoilers for those who haven't watched...

don't say anything at all. *sigh* Another week, another talented singer voted off. I really thought Chris Sligh would have gone to the top 4. He had a witty personality and a great voice. But no...he's gone. :(

Yet - the barely marginally talented 'joke' survives another week. The judges have stopped even saying anything about his performances - and he stands up on stage and thinks it's funny?! Um, has anyone told Sanjaya that people are voting for him because they think he's the 'WORST'? I'm sure he has true fans - I liked him in the auditions and he seems like a sweet kid. I'm just tired of seeing talented people who have an off-week go home because a bitter/cynical part of the AI voting group want to push their own twisted agenda. It's hard to watch Sanjaya prance around and sticking his tongue out (which as a 36 y.o. woman I felt a bit icky watching seeing as he's underage *shudder*).

But at least I still have Blake and Melinda to enjoy every week. :D
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