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10 April 2007 @ 11:29 am
A few idle ramblings...  
Well, it's HughDay (*new* House ep tonight - and it looks most excellent, not a Huddy fan per se but they do share history and HL & LE rock in their scenes. Also a deadly disease being spread on an airplane - I'm glad I don't have any long-distance air travel planned for the near future. *shudder*) Last week's episode was so-so, not really liking Foreman lately and the whole Cam/Chase sex stuff is a bit too GA IMO for this show. Not enough Wilson. Definitely need a Wilson-centric episode or two (like they did with Foreman last year).

Debating whether or not I'm going to watch American Idol. I'll probably watch parts of it - so I can see Blake, Lakisha, Melinda, Jordin and Phil. Love Blake the best with the runner up being Melinda. I was sad to see Gina go last week. I wasn't a fan at first but she was getting better over the last couple weeks and she can rock (would enjoy seeing her team up with Chris Daughtry for a song on either his next album or her own - they can call it something like 'Being an American Idol is Overrated' or 'Idol Can Kiss Our Ass'). I came to the realization last week that I don't care if Suck-jaya wins. I really don't - as a matter of fact, I hope he does. I'm feeling sorry for him, especially his remark about 'Welcome to the Sanjaya Universe' to Simon. Um, Simon wasn't praising your vocals, little boy; it was SARCASM because telling you the truth isn't working. Also J-Lo as a guest coach tonight?! Of all great Latino singers out there, she was the one they picked?! It's a matter of taste I know but I can't stand her singing. Ricky Martin would have been a better pick IMO.

As you can tell by the icon I'm using on this post, I've found the Doctor Who love!! I've watched a few episodes from last season on the Sci-Fi channel. Especially loved the episode entitled "School Reunion" because it guest stars Anthony Head (Giles, from BtVS) as a bad guy. Ooo, he does bad sooo well - made me wish Joss would have followed through on that Ripper series spinoff. David Tennant is fabulous. I like Billie Piper; she was good as Rose. She was good with DT chemistry wise and it was sad to see her go. But...and I may be in the minority from what I've seen around LJ, I *LOVE* Martha Jones. She's witty, intelligent and beautiful! I like her with the Doctor, too. She obviously is smitten with him but he's still dealing with the loss of Rose and like one of the writers said in Doctor Who Confidential her love will be unrequited much like it is in many real relationships. Sooo looking forward to "Gridlock" next week, can't wait to see the scene where Ten is screaming "MARRRTHAAA!". My 9-year-old daughter is hooked on the show too...hehehe. =)

Just a little rant about 24...AUGGGGGGGHHHHH! DAMN IT! I wanted Audrey to stay DEAD!!! DAMN!! Out of all Jack's girlfriends she was the worst. I mean, I know the character was written off because KR got a part on the now-cancelled ABC show "The Nine" and the whole 'she-died-in-car-accident-in-China-and-the-body-was-burned-beyond-recognition' plot was terribly cliche any ways and meant to leave the door open for Audrey's return. I suspected right away that she was being held prisoner by the Chinese and that the accident was phony. But I was really hoping the writers would prove me wrong and at the end of the season Jack would get evidence proving the accident really was legit. Maybe with a guest appearance by William Devane, giving Jack the news that he had been China and brought Audrey's remains home (having them tested and proven to be her of course). Yah, I'm a little bitter. I've always been wanting a Chloe/Jack romance so Audrey kind of messes with that.
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