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16 April 2007 @ 08:36 am
Doctor Who Series 3 Epi 3 Gridlock : Comments  
I was looking forward to this episode (based on the trailer after last week's episode) and it didn't disappoint!

Let me start with the Doctor/Martha relationship right off. I'm soooo loving Martha. So wanted to see her kick the carjackers' asses but than it wouldn't have given much of a story and I wouldn't have gotten to see the Doctor prove he does care about her by going after her. His comments to Brannigan were right on - he has just been 'showing off' to her and brushing off her questions since he met her. I 'squeed' when he heard her voice over the radio and he had a huge smile on his face (so happy he was going to see her). The look on her face though when she realized what the Face of Boe meant and that the Doctor hadn't been honest with her. Ooo, and the Doctor putting his arm around her - and her giving him a hug - major SQUEEEEE!! Also it was fabulous at the end when she just plunked herself down on the chair and wouldn't move until he started 'speaking to her properly'. Woo-hoo, way to go, girl!! And, man, did DT do an awesome job in that final scene as the Doctor apologized for the lie, than pulled up a chair next to her and told her about Gallifrey and the Daleks and the Time Wars. The tears in his eyes, the quivering lips - just wanted to reach out through the computer monitor and give him a big ol' hug. :P But in my head, he got one from Martha as they headed back to the TARDIS and hoping that next week he'll be a bit more open with her.

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(caps were done by me and heart brush by ewanism)

What review of the episode wouldn't be complete without a blurb about those adorable kittens?! Doctor & the kittens were so cute, especially after watching the Doctor Who Confidential afterwards. Awwww. Definitely will have an icon (or two) with those caps.

Next weeks episode: Yay, the Daleks are back! And it looks like another great episode - well, except for the hokey stereotyped 1930s New York/American accent I've heard - Oy! *shudders* C'mon, lots of actors can do this - Hugh Laurie, Julian McMahon, Nicole Kidman, to name a few. Even Eddie Izzard is pulling it off on The Riches. For all General Hospital fans, this episode will guest star Ryan Carnes (the last actor who played Lucas Stansbury Jones during the Virus Storyline and the subsequent death of his adopted father Tony Jones in early 2006. He also played on Desperate Housewives.)
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