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21 April 2007 @ 09:53 pm
Thoughts on Doctor Who ("Daleks In..")  
I guess it was bound to happen since I've loved the last 3 episodes so much. I really didn't enjoy this week's Doctor Who ("Daleks In Manhattan") as much as I wanted to from the previews.

What was 'blah':

* I think part of my lack of enthusiasm was that I was completely bored this afternoon and went looking online for post-episode reaction posts on LJ. So I pretty much knew what was going to happen and not happen in this one.

* Too little quality Doctor/Martha interaction.

* Dalek Sec's 'make-over'. Not scary - just fugly IMO. Then again - spoiled on this one so the shock value was a big doughnut hole. Though to be honest, I'm in my late 30s and a major horror gore fan so unless Sec's going to meld with a Cenobite from Hellraiser it wouldn't have scared me. Now, my 9-year-old daughter *MIGHT* find it creepy but again she's been raised on X-Files and Buffy reruns so we'll see.

* The inconsistency in writing Martha this episode. ((LJ just ate my detailed explanation, damn it. So I'll try to write it again...)) I've been loving Martha - feisty, strong, inquisitive, witty, and brave. So why now do we see her getting all queasy over the green blobby brain-looking thingy in the sewer? In episode 2 after almost getting a bucket load of feces dump on her, she stated she'd 'seen worse working the late shift at the A&E.' Plus - hello? - she's a med student - wouldn't she be a bit curious in getting a chance to dissect/gain knowledge about something of an alien nature? I know I would have, heck if for nothing else than the sheer fun of it and more interaction with the Doctor. Also I was surprised the Doctor had to push her to question the Daleks about their final experiment; I would have figured she'd have done it all on her own. I really hope this was just a one-time fluke in the character and she doesn't suffer continually like poor Dr. Cameron on the show, "House". ((I better stop with that because I could go on for a long time about how each writer on the House staff writes Cameron so differently week after week, almost like the poor woman has some weird personality disorder. One week she's professional and strong-willed. The next week she's totally unprofessional, shagging her co-worker in various locations around the hospital. Very difficult to watch.))

What I did like:

* "Martha, medical opinion?"

* "Well, you can kiss me later. You too, Frank, if you want."

* Last week, the Doctor told Martha he was stretching the definition of 'one trip' into basically a two-parter (1 to the past, 1 to the future). Now they've taken a 'detour' on the way back. LOL. So what was the original agenda, I wonder...and again this week as much as he cared about everyone, it was Martha that he did focus on most.

* No real Rose mention - only a comment from the Doctor ("they always survive while I lose everything") that I think summed up not only losing Rose but his planet/family/etc as well. I had read at a Doctor/Rose message forum that Rose would be mentioned every episode and really hoped it isn't true. I did like Rose but...Billy Piper left the show on her own accord; she wasn't fired or let go for story purposes. I liken this to when Angel departed Sunnydale at the end of Buffy's 3rd season. Sure Buffy missed him and there was a few crossovers in the two shows but we didn't hear Angel referenced every episode (or Buffy mentioned on Angel). They dealt with the loss and moved on.

* The American accents were for the most part better than I expected. And the historical aspect was well researched and executed. Mind you, they could show you the whole truth - like RTD said in DW: Confidential - it would have been very depressing. But they did a good job nonetheless. Didn't even cringe when Tallulah spoke. =)

* Frank. Can we keep this kid?! The Doctor could always use an extra companion right?? Martha hugging him was soooo cute. And him telling her to stick with him and she'd be alright - SQUEEE! Love his Southern drawl too (seeing as I hear it all the time here in South Carolina). =)

Overall I'd say this episode was a 5/10 - hoping for better next week.
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