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23 May 2007 @ 11:30 pm
Lost Season Finale Meta & Specs...  
Random thoughts while it aired and some spec at the bottom:

Scruffy/Grizzly!Jack -- guess he's going for the Dr. House look without the snark, just the crappy self-loathing.
Damn, Bernard - they will kill you all anyways, don't give them any info. You have Sayid with you - he will kick ass.
OMGWTF!! WALT!! Good to see they remembered Walt also had a connection to the island.
(Boy, has Malcolm David Kelly grown!!)
Like the Juliet/Jack dynamic, can't stand Jack/Kate - Kate should have told him to go screw himself with his sudden 'I love you' declaration. Than again I'm not a big fan of Kate - too wishy washy.
As for Charlie in the "Looking Glass" - love his little singing diversion so Desmond can get inside.
C'mon, Mikal, kick some bitch ass - yup, he does!!
And we're back to the boring trek up the mountain where Ben once again is able to get Jack's attention - even though Jack should know by now Ben's probably just going to stall them.
Even more boring than the mountain trek is Grizzly!Jack's backstory. Yawn.
Oo, maybe Ben isn't lying for once. I don't trust Naomi either. But Ben is like the boy who cried wolf too many times - never know when he's actually telling the truth anymore.
HOLY SHIT!! They didn't just kill Sayid/Bernard/Jin????
Screaming!Jack isn't very scary, is he? Tom's probably laughing his ass off on the beach.
Awwwww, Alex is reunited with her mom (Danielle)!!
WOOHOO, the 3 castaways are alive - Ryan and his guys fired into the sand.
YES, HURLEY FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO, DUDE!!! Way to show Sawyer you are indeed useful!!! Just don't get shot.
Damn Sayid has some strong legs - WTG!!!
Bye Bye Tom.
Yay Sawyer with the line 'I didn't believe him.' No shit.
Have I said how much I find this flashback boring - poor widdle Jack. Who died though?
LOL at Sawyer having a beer, leaning against the van as Hurley tells Jack what they did.
OK something bad's gotta happen when the yellow light stops blinking - c'mon.
PENNY?!!! And, YUP, Naomi is not what she seems and Penny doesn't know her at all.
OH NOES!!!!! CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cry* Awww, he writes a note on his hand for Desmond - 'Not Penny's Boat'!!
Poor Desmond - so close and he missed her!!!!
Damn it Locke - KILL HIM PLZ!!!!!!!!! Ow, crap, he doesn't. :(
Who's Jack meeting near the airport - Sarah? His dad?
KATE?????? WTF?
OMG - It hasn't been a flashback - it's been a future look at Jack's life!!!!! Oo, she did choose Sawyer? Who died -- Locke?? He would have had nobody and he wasn't exactly a friend and not family.
Dang, didn't see that flashforward coming at all. I actually thought at first with the grizzly beard and all we might be getting a look a parallel universe Jack because I still think the island is actually in a parallel universe or a void between universes. I've been reading too many books on higher mathematics/physics for college. The electromagnetic field collapsing caused a rift in the space/time continuum and two planes switched universes. Both crashed - one on the island and the other in our reality into the ocean. It could fit. *shrug*
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