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24 June 2007 @ 01:47 pm
Belated Ramblings: "The Sound of Drums"/DW  
Wow, last night's episode was everything I had hoped it would be and am sooo looking forward to the finale next week. I'm going to attempt to go spoiler free for it. Well, I say that now...but I am seriously going to try - the 'Lost' finale this season was the best because I wasn't spoiled and never saw the ending coming which was just awesome for once. So *fingers crossed* hopefully I'll have the willpower to keep from spoiling myself. Any ways...

OMG I so love John Simm's Master!! He truly stoled the show - every scene he had was great especially with the Doctor. I'm not that into slash but I have shipped it occasionally (Angel/Spike in the Whedonverse, Mulder/Krycek in The X-Files, McNamara/Troy in nip/tuck, and the ultimate slash pairing, Kirk/Spock in Trekverse). I love Martha/Doctor but - ooo, Master/Doctor is definitely my fave at the moment. I'll let Martha/Jack have some fun, LOL. And what a twisted foursome Jack, Martha, Doctor and Master would make - plus they'd be very pretty together. Wish I could write decent fanfic, I'd so do a story with the four of them. =P

But getting back to the awesomeness of the Master/Doctor ship, the phone convo was the best! The Doctor explaining to him what had happened to Gallifrey and the Master filling in the blanks about what happened to him. And the Master's line - "Are you asking me out on a date?"- fit sooo perfectly with how the conversation was going. Then on the Valiant the Master's quip about having a 'Laser' screwdriver was funny as well.

Overall I thought the episode was fabulous - just the right amount of talk and action. We saw Gallifrey and learned a bit more about the Time Lords. Liked the Doctor's comment that he ran and never stopped, so true. *Squeed* at the Jelly Babies and U.N.I.T. references. Gah, hated the aged make-up look again on DT. Ick. Heh, Torchwood got sent to the Himalayas - hope there will be some reference to it in the series two opener. Jack making the three of them tea - very cute. Had a flashback to the tv show "Sliders" in the opening shot though were they came back to the present using Jack's Vortex Manipulator thingie - luckily it was a bit of a softer landing than Mallory & company ever had. The perception filter with the keys was a cool idea. When the Doctor was asking Martha if she could see him with the key around his neck, it reminded me of the scene in "Doomsday" were the Doctor explains why he's wearing the 3D glasses.

As for the Doctor being insensitive/rude/whatever to Martha with the comment ("it's like when you fancy someone and they don't even notice you exist..."), I really didn't see it as such. I thought it was a bit of a joke - albeit a bad one and ill timed but that is the Doctor. I really don't think he meant anything mean by it at all. Actually I thought he was trying to be a bit light-hearted with her since it had been a rough day for them. Luckily Jack was there to add the line ("you too huh?"). If the Doctor really didn't notice Martha or think much of her abilities, he never would have given her the sonic screwdriver and psychic paper at the end. He knows she'll find a way to save the world and him. She's proven she can do it before - and I can't wait to see how she does it next week. =)

Oh, I know I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff I wanted to say...but maybe I'll remember later when I post my picspam. =)
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