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30 June 2007 @ 07:49 pm
Rant: "The Last of the Time Lords"/Doctor Who  
WTF?? No seriously, what the hell? I really don't think I've ever been this disappointed in a series finale before - well, maybe that's a bit extreme since "The X-Files" finale was pretty shoddy. Maybe it's too many spoilers or just that I'm use to a more complex dramatic writing (i.e. "Lost", "nip/tuck", "Rescue Me"). I don't know.

Why did I bother getting invested in Martha Jones?? I loved her and have been waiting for the Doctor to get a clue and see how awesome she was as well. And RTD said the "unrequited love" subplot was going to have a big pay-off at the end. So how does he pay it off? Martha walks away and all the Doctor says to her in the end is "thank you." Pffft, whatever. I guess I could read some shippy-ness into the scene. The Doctor did look a bit upset when they hugged and it did look like he didn't want her to go. Martha obviously was uncertain about walking away as well - given the look she had when she left the Tardis. I was really hoping to see her in the Christmas special and not another on-off companion thing like last year. As for Martha joining Torchwood, I really hope not - just don't see where she would fit in with this dysfunctional group. Though to see her and Jack together in an episode wouldn't be that bad I guess.

Also didn't like the Jedi-esque scene with the Doctor burning the Master body. I really didn't want to see the Master die. I had hoped he would have escaped in the end with Lucy (or even without her would have been fine) - just leaving him alive was all I would have liked.

There were enjoyable bits here and there (Jack being the Face of Boe was a good one) but overall I really feel letdown. One thing is certain I'm never going to believe a word from Rusty ever again. But for the moment, I'm done with New Who for the next couple months at least. Put energy back to figuring out "Lost" and enjoying the rest of summer. I was going to re-watch the series when it started up on Sci-Fi channel this Friday but now I think not. Not even sure I'll be creating any icons for this episode either.
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Sam. I. Am!: Doctor Who [Gallifrey]gryffinclaw on July 1st, 2007 12:42 am (UTC)
He wanted us to love Martha. She was written so brilliantly that we were bound to love her.

Then this

I feel cheated. CHEATED!