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Unless we have at least TWO or THREE FANDOMS in common,
the woman; dawneen. 41. mother of one. happily married. mathematics teacher (middle school). graduate student. artist. obsessed fangirl. from wisconsin. life-long green bay packer fan. love to travel. lived in south korea, hawaii and okinawa. libertarian.

watching; Sons of Anarchy. battlestar galactica. Fringe. supernatural. breaking bad. the walking dead. doctor who. torchwood. psych. the big bang theory. dexter. the killing. eureka. merlin. once upon a time. Dallas (2012). castle. necessary roughness.

shipping; jax/tara. adama/roslin. peter/olivia. shawn/juliet. dani/matt. amy/rory. 11/river. 10/martha. 10/donna. 9/rose. jack/ianto. jack/martha. penny/sheldon. dean/lisa.

listening; she wants revenge. muse. johnny cash. duran duran. linkin park. violent femmes. murray gold. bauhaus. dean martin. britney spears. disturbed. old 97's. porcelain. abba. bond. carrie underwood. kelly clarkson. cruxshadows. david bowie. rolling stones. the monkees. depeche mode. kaiser chiefs. leonard cohen. pink floyd.

reading; <3 Neil Gaiman. enjoy classics such as Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm, and such. Harry Potter series. Sophia Kinsella. Steig Larsson. Philip K Dick fan.

etc; coffee. sushi. stargazing. solitude.
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